365-Day Fitness Challenge Update

Remember when I told you I was going to take on 365-day fitness challenge? That was way back in July, 2013 which means it was exactly 7 months and 3 weeks ago. Back when summer was luring me outside for a long bike ride or a hike in the mountains. Way back when working out was an outdoor excursion that looked a lot like play. Before the long winter came and covered me in a shroud of grey sky. Before the cold threatened to keep me inside for another day. And another.

But here I am, exactly 7 months and 3 weeks since starting. Fast approaching 8 months. And I’m still doing it. I’m still getting up every day, putting on my workout clothes and making it happen. Some days it happens right away. Get it done, move on with the day. And some days it takes hours. And hours. But it always gets done.

So how do I feel now that I’ve made it this far in the journey?




But there have been some really big challenges throughout the last 2 months. Weather being the biggest challenge of all. I enjoy hitting the gym for a spin class or heading to the yoga studio weekly but indoor workouts can be a drag when they pile up. When 7 days a week are indoors and zero days are outside.

The last couple of months have been hard. But that’s also where I”ve learned to dig deep and get it done. All those days when I didn’t want to do another P90X workout video at home. Days when the garage wasn’t keeping my car warm enough and I dreaded the 15-minute drive to the gym. Sundays when the sun hadn’t been out all week and I just wanted to curl up inside and call it a jammie day. Those were hard days but when I ended the day with another check on my calendar, it felt awesome.

Learning how to stay committed is a lesson for me. The creative mind, the multi-passionate who always has a foot in a new endeavour. A believer in doing what makes you happy. It’s been exhilarating to see the numbers pile up. All the way up to 237. I can do this.

Okay, so admit it. You got caught up in the excitement of making a new goal only to realize that you actually set the intention without a real desire for it. MOVE ON.

The problem arises when we struggle with trying to keep going.  You don’t want to look like a loser. You already told all your friends. You don’t want to be that resolution loser. Guess what?

Successful people fail a lot. They just do it quickly, get back up and move on to the next thing.

So if you’re committed to your goal, then you’re already a success. If you decided to bail on that last goal, high five. Now, move on to the next.

What About Persevering With A Goal? Toughing It Out Until Your Dream Comes True?


Ask yourself these questions…

  • Was this goal created on a whim or under duress (ie New Year’s)?
  • Am I pretty damn happy to move on and never think about this one again?
  • Did I realize I don’t want to exert the energy on this one?


If you answered yes, you can happily jump ship and start looking for a new goal to get working on.


Now, ask yourself these questions…

  • If I quit now will I be starting again in a week?
  • Is this something I have been wanted to accomplish for a while?
  • Is laziness the only thing preventing me from seeing this goal to the end?


If you answered yes to these questions, you need to stick with the plan and just get the goal completed. Chances are you’re going to spend too much time starting and stopping. Just do it!